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In a message dated 4/25/01 6:41:46 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Curtis, Sammi, and others whose names I, sadly, don't recall, also wrote 
> well-thought-out, informative and educational letters. Unfortunately, one 
> of 
> us did not. That is the letter that may be best-remembered and may cause to 
> person to whom it is addressed to think of all of us in a negative light. 

ummmmm, everyone gets the idea that you think i'm an idiot and immature and 
whatever else you think i am as you have stressed this now in three letters.  
the letter i wrote to that principal DID NOT go out today because i was 
waiting to see what kind of response I GOT from it from everyone on the list. 
 surprisingly, i realized that my anger was out of line at the time and 
waited to see any type of response i would get about it FOR THE EXACT REASON 
YOU MENTIONED ABOVE!  i have more respect for this list than to send that 
without first sending it to the list to see what kind of feedback i got and 
if i was out of line which obviously i was.  but again, no one knows WHY this 
letter hit me the way it did, although i'm sure all of us have horror stories 
about discrimination in some form or another.
i guess i'll be leaving this list, although i cherish this list with all my 
heart and soul.  if it weren't for this list, i don't know where i'd be, but 
i'd rather not be somewhere where i'm not welcome!  i will just browse the 
webpage and the like.
i did not receive a single letter regarding my post other than these couple 
that went through the list, but those are enough to make me feel unwelcome 
here, especially from someone who has voiced her 'dislikes' of my style in 
the past by beating around the bush and belittling me on the list rather than 
sending me email privately.  either way, the point is taken.
maybe i'm being emotional because of my ordeal in the ER last night and my 
sugars are still not back to normal and swinging all over the place.  maybe a 
lot of my anger came from that, but obviously and unfortunately people don't 
always take those types of things into account.
it's been fun...... thanks to everyone who always supported my views and 
emailed me privately with the kind words, etc.  i never had a problem with 
anyone but obviously have someone here who despises me for some reason that i 
do not know.  you've been here longer than i have, so enjoy your stay  :O)  
hope everyone will keep in touch with me, especially those of you i so often 
corresponded with :O)  i've always tried to do the best i could to help 
anyone i could as best i could :O)

ps  jan h., i'm getting better at the ..... and the !!!!!  LOL  

take care and thanks for everything!
gina, mr clicks (MM508) & mr pokey (FreeStyle meter)
dx'd 11/83..... pumping 2/01 and have never felt better  :O)
thanks to everyone who helped me get this far!!
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