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[IP] Ryan

Dear Mr. Hoff: It has come to my attention (through a diabetes email group I 
belong to) that an issue has come up at your school regarding a student named 
Ryan who was found carrying an insulin pen. I know that there are a lot of 
worries at schools across the country about weapons and violence in schools 
and that students found carrying a "weapon" can get into serious trouble. 
However, if my understanding of this situation is correct (that he was 
carrying it because he did not have time to drop it off at the office), there 
is a serious problem at your school regarding the rights of those with 
disabilities (which includes those with type1 diabetes). People with diabetes 
especially need quick access to a high glucose snack in the case of 
hypoglycemia and to their blood testing meter to verify the low blood sugar. 
Insulin is required in the case of high blood sugars and for meals. Ryan 
should have access to all of these things at all times and should be allowed 
to treat low or high blood sugar in the classroom. An excellent solution to 
the problem of carrying the insulin pen (or a syringe) would be for Ryan to 
have an insulin pump (I use one) which would allow him to give himself 
insulin at the push of a button thru a cannula inserted subcutaneously. The 
cannula remains in the body 24 hours a day. He would still need the lancet to 
test his blood sugar.

Please do not punish Ryan for doing the best to take care of himself. This is 
grossly unfair.

Thank you for listening.


Melanie Hofmann
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