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Re: [IP] PUH--LEASE!!!

On 25 Apr 2001, at 19:10, email @ redacted wrote:

> If we expect to HELP our cause, as well as Ryan's, we do not want to look 
> like a bunch of cockamamie, trigger happy, fools!
> As one who is wont to REACT first and think second, I urge you all NOT to 
> write nasty letters to this principal, or flood his school office with phone 
> calls.  There are proper ways to make things happen, and harassing the poor 
> underpaid secretary who answers the phone at this school or pissing anyone 

I understand about the phone call thing and the "nasty" part.  But I 
wanted to ask if you thought writing to them at all (even with nice 
letters) is the wrong tactic too.   ?

Seriously.  I want to know.  Because there may be other aspects 
about this that I haven't thought of.

(it's too late for me to change my actions--I already wrote, but 
hopefully, I wasn't nasty about it).
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