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listen folks, I am all for speaking one's mind, as long as one makes sure it 
is in gear before opening mouth or moving fingers.

If we expect to HELP our cause, as well as Ryan's, we do not want to look 
like a bunch of cockamamie, trigger happy, fools!

As one who is wont to REACT first and think second, I urge you all NOT to 
write nasty letters to this principal, or flood his school office with phone 
calls.  There are proper ways to make things happen, and harassing the poor 
underpaid secretary who answers the phone at this school or pissing anyone 
off is NOT going to help Ryan, or YOUR child, or ME or YOU!!!  Sure WE are 
pissed...we are fighting for OUR rights as well as Ryan, but let's not look 
silly!  Why does this child NOT have a 504 in place?  Is there not someone 
who can help make this happen!?  Nita Herrington, aren't you in Spring or 
nearby...perhaps you and Jess can help!??!  Let's find a way to HELP this 
kid, not just make ourselves feel better

Sara SP
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