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In a message dated 4/25/01 3:56:16 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> A very well-written letter. Much better than one written in obvious anger 

Yes, it was a well-written letter, not as angry as the one from me she's 
referring to!  I do actually know how to write a letter and I DEFINITELY know 
how to punctuate (it was my job for 7 years as a court reporter).  However, 
when a person is online so often, he/she begins to write differently, sort of 
taking on that "online style."  
If every single one of you here think my letter was full of obscenities and 
threats, then sobeit.  What you don't know is HOW CLOSE that letter hit to 
home!  You don't know my anger behind that letter, although we all know how 
discrimination feels because of our diabetes.  As far as the punctuation is 
concerned, well, that I just have to laugh at within myself because God knows 
I was one of the most highly requested court reporters in the downtown 
Chicago area WHEN I WAS ABLE TO WORK!  Unfortunately, Internet style took 
Congrats on the well-written letter!
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