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Re: [IP] Monthly expense of Cost of pump

In a message dated 4/24/01 1:22:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> The $200 per month is if you don't have insurance.  It will depend on
> your insurance.  If your insurance covers 90% of DME, then it will cost
> you $20 per month.
> Mark

This I hate to argue, it would be nice if that was the only amount I had to 
come up with every month ($20), however, I DO have insurance and they only 
pay 75%. Every 3 months when I get a shipment, I'm going to have to come up 
with $250+ from what my insurance company told me. (This is why I'm having a 
hard time with staying on the pump...My husband and I can't really afford 
that. So, I'll either have to find a way to re-use the supplies or come up 
with the $) Everyone's insurance is different so it really depends on what 
yours will cover.
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