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Re: [IP] discrimination at school

After reading about Ryan's discrimination at school and everyone's replies 
about it, I felt compelled to add my 2cents too.  When my son was 6 we moved 
to a different state.  I met the principal of the school and explained about 
his diabetes.  She said there were 2 other girls with diabetes and proceeded 
to explain "the procedure."  No glucose tabs, teacher not responsible for 
reminding the student about snacks, and no snacks eaten in classroom.  If the 
student had a low sugar, it wasn't the teacher's responsibility.  The student 
had to walk to the office to get a snack.  One of the diabetic girls (age 7) 
had 2 convulsions at school, the principal informed me.  The principal could 
care less about it too!  I thought about fighting this unbelievable 
discrimination, but how could I when the other parents were letting this 
happen?!  I decided I could not let my 6 year old be at the mercy of this 
heartless, non-compassionate, cold person.  I put him in another school where 
the principal was great.  However, 2 years later, the wonderful principal 
left and another horrible person became principal and it was a constant 
battle until he graduated from elementary school.  Too long to write about it 
all here!  Even carrying glucose tablets was a fight! We ended up filing a 
complaint with the office of civil rights, but the principal did whatever she 
could to make my child's life miserable.  It's really shameful that these 
individuals become principals of schools.
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