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[IP] Ryan in Texas

I have faxed the following letter to Mr. Hoff.  I didn't get very technical because I didn't think he'd understand, but I wanted to be sure he knew that people around the country are aware of his actions.

April 25, 2001

Dear Mr. Hoff,

I have just received word of the situation with Ryan Wellhoefer, a student at your school.  I have had Diabetes for over fifteen years, and am very concerned about the health and rights of my fellow Diabetics.

 I do understand that in these trying times we must guard against weapons in school, but I hardly think the insulin pen qualifies as a weapon. Insulin is absolutely required for Diabetics.  Some of us take multiple injections every day.  It is impossible for someone who does not have this disease to understand the responsibilities and problems that accompany Diabetes. Every meal, every exercise, every stressful moment is a new challenge that requires testing our blood sugar, adjusting our diet, or taking insulin. Every day is a constant struggle to
maintain our health.

I understand that Ryan is a very intelligent and conscientious young man.  I would hate for this misunderstanding to ruin his academic record, especially with graduation so close at hand.  I ask that you please find it in your heart to put this in perspective and dismiss the disciplinary actions against Ryan so that he can continue on his stellar academic path.

The eyes of the world are on you, Mr. Hoff.  Please prove yourself and your school to be a kind, understanding environment--not a place that makes a young man's day to day life even harder.

Sherry Compton
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