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[IP] Saga of the Start

Hi Everyone,
 Well,its been a rough 2 days.After my start Monday
morning,I devoloped moderate ketones and it was a good
thing I was already in the hospital because I kept
having recurring problems with that.I should have
never complained about being hospitalized for the next
24 hours after my start,I would've ended up in a
hospital anyway!Monday 6pm-Tuesday 6 am,I had a
unbelievable streak of 7 bgs between 149-101,but then
went straight up to the 200-300 range with ketones
again in spite of multiple boluses and a changed
site.Maybe some of that was hospital stress,but
anyway,I finally got rid of the ketones when
discharged at 3 pm with a 309 bg.More ketone problems
that night,and when at 10 pm I took a final bolus of 2
U I really didn't expect it to go down.At 1 pm,I awoke
with a 38,my 4th lowest bg.I had some symptoms I've
never had before,tingling lips and a splitting
headache,besides the regular dizzyness,hunger,and
weakness.So I ate 30 carbs,took a glucogon shot(my
safety procedure when no ones around at night and I'm
under 45)and suspended for 30 minutes.Then I was
229,restarted,and went back to sleep.Was 149 this
morning,then went high again.On the advice of my CDE,I
changed the tubing and took 2 H by injection and am ok
now at 133.I feel like the human yo-yo,I know its
normal to feel tired the first few days but what about
nauseaus?I've felt this way since right after the
start,through the excellent bgs,the highs with
ketones,and the low.

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