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Re: [IP] kids forgetting bolus

> Beverly,
> My son is now 13 and pumping for almost 2 years. He forgets his
> boluses from time to time. It is definately a "kid thing." He seems
> to forget more if we are with him, than when we are not. We have
> discovered over time that he seems to take a mini-holiday when we
> are with him and depends on us to follow up. For now, it is ok. He
> is young and very responsible for his age. When he is at school, he
> does all his care and for the most part is VERY good about bolusing
> and correcting and checking. So, for the time Hope I helped. 

this is just my .02 cents worth, but at age 13, I foisted most of the 
responsibility for pump management on my daughter. This was 
intentional on my part, I wanted her to assume control of her life 
and not be dependent on me or mom. It worked pretty well, but was 
hard to do. My natural instinct was to answer her questions and do it 
for her. I still help with the hard stuff -- basal adjustments, 
etc... Back then, I made sure she had a small calculator for her 
purse and photo reduced the carb list in the back of Pumping Insulin 
so it would fit on two sides of a single sheet of paper. It was her 
job to figure things out, adjust for lows and high and so on. We were 
there as a back up and fail safe and would always answer the question 
"Is this right?", but we would not do the homework so to speak. The 
change in independence and self confidence was evident quickly. I 
can't say for your child how long or when this transition should 
take, but at least for Lily, I felt I my duty to encourage her to 
grow up in this manner as soon as she could.

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