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> OMG!!!  I am in a state of panic.  When we got Rachel's pump,
> Minimed told me that they had worked it out with our insurance
> company that all we would be responsible for is our $400.00
> deductible!  Now, I got the EOB from our insurance company stating
> that they had an $800.00 deductible and only covering 50%.  Now that
> leaves us paying $3527.00 instead of $400.00. (I only have two more
> payments on the $400.00)   I CAN'T PAY THAT!  But I can't let them
> take Blossom from us!  What should/can I do????
> Oh wow, I am very overwhelmed right now....

Oh, just be a pain in the a... I was in the same position for 18 
months after getting Lily's pump. The insurance company refused to 
pay anything after the intermediary we purchased it from said all was 
fine. Don't send anyone money, or agree to anything until the matter 
is settled. The pump is your property now, the rest is a civil 
matter. Get out your policy and read the fine print about what is 
covered under durable medical. Appeal, write down everything and log 
all telephone calls "by whom, to whom and when". You'll eventually 
resolve this, it just may take time.

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