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[IP] cannula coming out of that active boy! Help again!

We've changed Gus's (8 pumping since September-Silhouette since February) set
4 times in 36 hours.  We're using an extra sticky set prep and tape over the
set with a hole cut out to allow for disconnecting, outside upper thigh sites,
and are inserting at 20-30 degrees across the muscle/perpendicular to the leg
(as recommended by Michael.)  The cotton base of the Sil and the tape appear
undisturbed, but the cannula has been totally out.  We discovered the floating
cannulas after BG tests that read "HIGH" four hours after numbers between
65-100.  Each time Gus has been keytone negative, so we're catching it fairly
quickly.  Still, he's registered two "zero" days  in a row on his personal
bedtime scale of 1-10.  Help!  What are these conscientious (still sleep
deprived) parents doing wrong?  Thanks in advance.

P.S.  I've quizzed him...I don't think HE'S easing the thing out...not that
kind of kid.
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