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[IP] Adjusting

I'm having a hard time adjusting to the pump. I like not doing the 
injections, the site doesn't hurt, etc. etc. But...

My BGs are all over the place. I call the nurse I'm working with at my 
doctor's office every day and we've been changing doses here and there to 
try and figure out what's going on and adjust my levels correctly. I haven't 
been able to do a fasting test because my BGs are so high. Hopefully that 
problem is getting fixed today.

OK, high to me is above 200. I had pretty good control on MDI and I'm 
wondering why I did this. I feel like I've been on a roller coaster. My BG 
last Wed was over 240 the entire day. Didn't matter what I did. Finally 
changed the site and took Humalog by injection, but I don't think I've ever 
been over 240 all day. It sucked. Have had a bunch of lows also.

Does it take a while to get those stable BGs? I was under the impression 
that I'd go on this thing and my numbers would be terrific every time I 
tested. That hasn't happened. I'm frustrated and I think trying to control 
something that won't be controlled is really getting to me.

Any advice would be great. I guess I'm mostly just airing out my feelings.  


email @ redacted
Type 1, July 2000
Pumping, April 2001
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