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Re: [IP] Rosie and Suzanne Summers

email @ redacted wrote:
> If death is such a given in this circumstances then why aren't more
> anorexics dying of their disease?  I mean for the most part these people are
> down to nothing but skin and bones, muscle mass is depleted and a lot of them
> are still able to function?

People DO die of anorexia. Karen Carpenter is the most famous case -- we
just don't hear of the others. But many if not most anorexics get
noticed before they're quite at death's door, and most of them are
hospitalized for hyperalimentation at that time.

The anorexics that you might see up and walking around are those that,
in spite of appearance, DO have some muscle mass left -- the ones who
die are much father gone than the ones you see.  
>   I have never really understood all of this business.  Just know that we
> need to watch for the keytones and get the insulin in Josh.  I mean, I
> understand what is happening, don't get me wrong.  Anyway, it is just that
> statement about death that had me puzzled, because of the high incidence of
> anorexia in this country??!!

I don't think the incidence is all that high (but don't quote me), and I
think there is a lot of public awareness of the need for treatment, so
the death rate is not as high as it might be otherwise. I think I've
seen a girl who might have been anorexic maybe once or twice during my
15 years of teaching high school and walking the halls.  
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