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i hope you got to this one fairly soon as you will be receiving MANY MORE 
email regarding the ridiculous way you are handling the situation with Ryan!  
I'm SURE many of them will be much, much worse than this one!
First of all, who do you think you are forbidding a Type 1 diabetic from 
carrying his meter and insulin with him?  are you out of your damn mind????  
i have been a type 1 diabetic for 20 years and i know how it feels to be 
different than the other kids, but to punish him for carrying with him the 
ONLY THING THAT KEEPS HIM ALIVE is absolutely inhumane!!
do you realize that a day may come when this boy feels that his blood sugar 
is low and has to walk to the nurse's office but will not make it?  how will 
you feel then when you have a boy convulsing laying in the hallway of your 
school and a big fat lawsuit slapped on you?  maybe then you will wake up and 
realize that this boy has it hard enough as it is without your ludicrous 
what do you think he is going to do with his meter and insulin, kill someone? 
 please already!!  and to prevent him from graduating high in his class 
because of a suspension???  obviously you have absolutely NO EDUCATION when 
it comes to diabetes, right?  i know i'm correct because if you had, you 
wouldn't be punishing this boy for trying to survive!
i suggest you allow this boy to graduate in the rank he belongs as well as 
wear that damn meter and insulin pen around his neck if he wants to!!  if you 
don't, i really feel sorry for you.....and pity your ignorance!!
Good Luck with the other letters you will be receiving today!
Feel free to write back because I cannot wait to hear your explanation for 
In a State of Shock,
Gina Jozaitis
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