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Re: [IP] "discrimination" at school. Not about pumping

>> Ryan is not allowed to carry a glucose meter nor glucose tablets with
> nor
> is he allowed to eat in class, even if he is having a low. >>

WHAT????????  that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard!  would
they rather he die in the classroom or not make it to the nurse's office?
this is absolutely insane!
Unforunately,  it is just another avenue of hatred/fear toward anyone with a
difference or 'dis-ability'.

By suspending him,  he can't graduate 'cum laude' from school which will
also -most likely- foul up scholorship opportunities.  Blowing many chances
of an academically successful life is one way of keeping us "In our place".

When I asked the teacher to seat me closer to the blackboard or to read as
she wrote,  I was sent home with letters about my "Disruptiveness" in class.

When I couldn't see the lessons and tried to fill my time by 'doodling' with
math problems,  they sent for my parents to discuss "Discipline" for me.

It is, unfortunately,  the norm.  Been happening for years despite our
dreams of being an open minded society.  This just doesn't surprize me at
all,  at all.

Jenny Sutherland
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