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[IP] "discrimination" at school. Not about pumping

I belong to not only this mail group, but one with www.childrenwithdiabetes as
well.  The message below was posted yesterday on this mail group and I am
hoping that with the help of all of you we can help this boy out.  He's not on
the pump, but I still hope we can help.

On Monday, a young man named Ryan Wellhoefer, was suspended from high school
at Klein Oak High School in Spring, Texas.  The young man is a senior and a
straight A student with Type I diabetes.  Apparently his insulin pen fell out
of his backpack and was noticed by the Vice Principal.  Ryan had not had time
to drop the pen off at the nurses office, which is what the school requires.
He was suspended for three days and has a "hearing" on Thursday.  Because he
was suspended he cannot graduate cum laude from the school.

In addition, they might fine him $150.00 for carrying a "needle" at school.

Ryan is not allowed to carry a glucose meter nor glucose tablets with him, nor
is he allowed to eat in class, even if he is having a low.  If he feels "low"
he must walk to the nurses office to check and take glucose.

Needless to say, the parents list is outraged.  We have written letters to the
principal in support of Ryan and against this injustice.

If any of you feels the need and or desire to write on Ryan's behalf, perhaps
the school will come to it's senses.  Write to:
                 Larry Hoff, Principal
                  Klein Oak High School
                  Klein, TX 77379
                  Fax (281)-370-9783

Please fax your letters ASAP before the "hearing" on Thursday - tomorrow.
Hope you can help!!

Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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