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[IP] RE: Stories for Jennifer

                           >>   My name is Jennifer and Iwanted to hear more
stories about how the pump has made quite a difference in someone's life.<<

Hi Jennifer,

Welcome. My nine year old daughter Lauren went on the pump Jan 18 of this
year. Since then, she has risen a full grade point in every class that
needed to go up. She sleeps better, plays soccer better, has more freedom
from schedules, and is SO much happier. She will have her first post-pump
a1c done next Thursday and her endo is fully expecting it to be in high
fives or low sixes! (We will see). It wasn't easy to get started but now,
three months gone, it's a snap. I just wish I had done this for her sooner.
This is a great site for advice, too.

Mom of Lauren
Pump Princess of Plymouth
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