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Re: Re: [IP] High BG after changing Quickset

In a message dated 4/25/01 11:50:38 AM, email @ redacted and 
email @ redacted write:

>> she manually primes the tubing, then she primes
>> it again using 5 units (but stops it when an insulin drop appears). 
>> she inserts it, then does a 1 unit bolus.
>> ----------------
>> maybe she is priming TOO MUCH and then rebounding?  probably not but
>a guess because the prime for the quickset 9mm cannula is only 0.5!  the
>is 0.3!
The first prime is supposed to be 5.0 U before the needle is inserted. I 
think the reason is to make sure it is functioning properly. Then, after you 
"harpoon" youself and tape and remove the inserter, you should prime 0.5 U. 
At least that is what my trainer taught me and that is what is written in the 
instruntions she provided.
Thay was for the SofSet QR. Since then I have switched to the Micro, I still 
use the 0.5 prime because I have had the pump detached while I shower and 
while I fill it. It works for me.


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