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[IP] Putting a 6 year old on a pump

> My son is six years old and the docs are making us jump through the hoops.
<snip>  I wonder how much is expected from a six year old in order to get a
pump.   His A1c is 6.8 and his parents are extremely on top of the situation.<
>  Advise??

Some post I read once (possibly not on this list) said that when someone 
questioned their endo about how he could put such a young child on a pump (I 
think the child was 4 or 5), the doctor replied "I'm not puting this child on 
a pump.  I'm putting his PARENTS on the pump."  . . . I think that this just 
about says it all -- your son may very well show interest in learning about 
managing his pumping over time, but the reality at that age is that (like 
with MDI) the parents are the ones that are fully responsible . . . And when 
you're not there (like at school), another adult is going to be the one who 
is at least verifying his boluses, etc. -- so I wouldn't worry about your son 
acting "immature" at docs office -- He *IS* immature -- He's a SIX YEAR OLD!  
What will really matter about his going on the pump is that his parents can 
handle the reponsibility . . .

Good Luck!
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