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Hey Girlie, I'm so glad to see that you made it home and are still with us.  
The last time I had a low like that, I remember getting up, finding a 
lollipop, it was the closest thing, and scarfing that down. Then, checking my 
sugar and thinking, this is bad. I don't remember seeing the # on the meter 
but I got up to find something else to shove down my throat and the next 
thing I remember is waking up in the hospital and the doctor looking at me 
saying, "Ahhh, look, she's still with us. I knew she'd come around." I felt 
so confused!! They also had to do a CAT scan because aparently, when I was 
looking for something else with sugar in it, I passed out, fell down, and 
whacked my head on a steel bar and cut the whole right side of my face open!! 
That made me laugh, I just don't remember any of that! I guess that's good.
Glad to see my buddy (aka 'partner in crime') is doing better!!

Elizabeth  >^..^<
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