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well, had my first trip to the ER tonight since being on the pump!  at 6:00 i 
was starving and went to Burger King which i never do but didnt feel like 
eating another can of corn or soup...LOL  anyway, i ate a chicken sandwich 
(only 9g fat) but also had a medium fries which has like 45 or 50... anyway, 
i spread my bolus over 1/2 hour.... i guess i should have done it longer or 
just did something differently because by 7:00 my sugar was 31 and i started 
eating some glucose tabs and i think like another half hour went by and that 
insulin was really kicking in then....all 6 units which is a lot for me!  by 
then i dont know what happened other than the fact my entire body got like 
paralyzed and i could feel that feeling in my back that i get when i'm real 
low like i want to jump out of my skin and like i'm dying... i remember 
thinking to myself, "gina, get to a phone or you are going to die!"  this is 
the WORST reaction i ever had because it was like a fight against that 
insulin that was working!  i dont remember getting the phone but the next 
thing i knew i was in the ER with a drip and my doctor there asking me what 
month it was and what day it was, etc.  needless to say, it scared the ()#@&
%)(#@* out of me!!  
when i got home, i looked at the bottle of tabs and i had eaten at least 30 
of them!  i'm scared to death to eat french fries again!
now my sugars are in the 500s and they wont come down!  my ratio is usually 
1:50 and i have already given over 12 units and they are still way up there!  
i'm afraid to even go to bed now!
anyway, i guess i just had to get that off my chest and tell someone who 
'understands' what i just went through because only you guys do  :O)
thanks for listening!!
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