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In a message dated 4/25/01 1:26:00 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 
>   Fist of all contact the insurance company in the AM and get this info 
> confirmed (if you haven't already)  Then if this is the case, have them set 
> it up in payments.  

i still say if you got paperwork when you got your pump from MiniMed that had 
the insurance part covered listed on there, there should be no problem!  they 
should ahve NEVER told you they 'took care of it' if they in fact didnt!  you 
need to have a nice long talk with MiniMed about this and explain that had 
you known it was going to cost this much, perhaps you would have had to 
consider other options and perhaps you may just have to cancel and return the 
pump (of course you are just SAYING this) and see what they say... they wont 
like to hear those words any more than you like saying them!  they want that 
money no matter how it comes!
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