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Quite simply, if MM told you they have worked it all out, then they are
responsable for this.
Big promises by well-suited reps must be held accountable by their company and
not you.

It will be of help if you have anything from MM on their letterhaed pertaining
to this matter.

When the insurance calls you, direct their attention to MM and its insurance

Jenny Sutherland
  ----- Original Message -----
  From: Melissa Cahill

  OMG!!!  I am in a state of panic.  When we got Rachel's pump, Minimed told
  me that they had worked it out with our insurance company that all we would
  be responsible for is our $400.00 deductible!  Now, I got the EOB from our
  insurance company stating that they had an $800.00 deductible and only
  covering 50%.  Now that leaves us paying $3527.00 instead of $400.00. (I
  only have two more payments on the $400.00)   I CAN'T PAY THAT!  But I
  let them take Blossom from us!  What should/can I do????

  Oh wow, I am very overwhelmed right now....

  Mom to Rachel and Blossom, 3 1/2, pumping 3 weeks 3 days
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