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[IP] Illness increase in basals - what about ratios?

I think at the exact moment we put Erica's first Quickset in her upper butt, a
cold started to brew. That was 3 quicksets (7 days) ago.  It has been full
blown for the past 2 days.

In two+ years I have not seen such wild sugars (she usually wears a
silhouette).  We have NEVER had this much trouble controlling them when she
was ill.  In fact, with a tummy virus she usually runs LOW, with a cold she
usually runs a 'little' higher.  With this cold she is running 290+ almost all
the time, with a temp basal 25% higher than normal!  She is still wearing a
Quickset and unless things improve by tomorrow I will be putting a sil back
in.  A sudden change back to better control will be a sure marker that we have
to be 'suspicious' of the Quickset.  I almost want to see the sugars remain in
that stubborn zone when the sil is in place so that I can totally blame the
cold.  I want this Quickset to work to give Erica more independence.

Anyway, to get to my question..sorry :)

For those of you who have to increase your basal rate due to illness, do you
also increase your bolus ratio by the same percent?  We have never really had
to contend with this before so I don't have any wisdom to draw on :)  Her
current temp basal is 25% above normal and is still not doing the job.  She
has shown NO keytones over the past number of days.  Going to be a long night

Thanks a bunch!

Barb, mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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