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[IP] pump for a 6 yo

My son is six years old and the docs are making us jump through the hoops.
know my son is smart but he is only in Kindergarten.  Also he is not on his
best behavior when he goes to the Endo group.  Last time he did act pretty
    I wonder how much is expected from a six year old in order to get a
 His A1c is 6.8 and his parents are extremely on top of the situation.
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Well, your child will not be the end-user of his pump, you will. His a1c is
very good. I guess that the real draw back is he is doing so well. Obvously
you are doing a great job. I would not be very pressured as his endo to go
to bat for a pump. I hate to tell you this but a frank discussion with the
endo is probably indicated. spot
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