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Re: [IP] Rosie and Suzanne Summers

Unfortunetly, I missed the program but hearing what went on, makes me laugh. 
I did have the program on but my CDE was here talking about my pump and 
telling me at that very moment that I CAN eat anything I want (Yes, even a 
Cinnabon like Gina did!!)  BUT...you must watch the fat count!!!!! 
HMMMMM....I think a lot of people in this world are unfortunetly misinformed 
that thin=good health. I know a lot of 'chubby' or fat or obese people who 
are in a LOT better shape than I am and I only weigh 128!!! I'm 5' 6" but 
that DOESN'T make me healthy!!! Yes, you eat fat or fattening foods and you 
WILL pay the price. Like others have mentioned.... they look healthy because 
they're thin, but we don't have Xray vision so we can't see all that fat just 
sticking there in their arteries and clogging everything up!! 
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