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Re: [IP] Rosie and Suzanne Summers

On 24 Apr 2001, at 9:20, email @ redacted wrote:

> that's the whole issue with those high-fat, high-protein diet diet that 
> everyone is having heart attacks from.......well, not everyone is but IMO i 
> dont think it's true that you wont gain... i have actually seen a few very 
> very obese people go on the Atkins diet with success, but who knows what 
> their heart is looking like right now!
> i wouldnt chance it...
> just my opinion!

My mother's own doctor put her on the Atkins diet.  She's lost a lot 
of weight, has never been hungry, and has been taken OFF her 
blood pressure medication.

Both of her parents ate a high fat diet all their lives and lived well 
into their 90's.

My dad, otoh, was put on a Pritikin diet back in the late 70's (after 
a heart attack) and has since had 3 bypass surgeries.  I don't think 
Pritikin (super low fat) has helped him all that much.

I'm taking a different path than my dad did-- I'm doing lower carb.  I 
don't want 3 bypass surgeries.  My lipid profile (HDL, LDL, 
triglycerides) improved by 11% in 5 months on extreme low carb.

It may still be the wrong path--only time will tell, but at least it's not 
the path he took.
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