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Re: [IP] Pregnancy - labor and delivery question/Julie

I just delivered on April 15th,- a healthy baby boy weighing 7 lb 10oz.[IMAGE]
I disconnected my pump during labor and delivery while they gave me IV
regular and a glucose drip. I was told the reason for this was because
subcutaneous insulin would make it harder to make quick adjustments
compared to IV insulin as it would stay in the subcutaneous tissue too
long. My BGs ranged from 75-138mg/dl during labor. After I delivered,
they took out the IVs and let me reconnect my pump. At first I was upset
to be disconnected, but it turned out really well. Also, I had been seen
in the DM Pregnancy clinic which was full of people with good diabetes
knowledge.  I knew I could trust them with my bgs for  a while. It was
actually nice to not worry about my pump for a bit and just think about
the baby coming.  I tested my own bgs on my own meter every hour and
adjustments were made based on them. Overall, it! was a great experience.Safieh


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