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prior to home glucose monitors Re: [IP] Re: Mom's reactions to Sherry's pregnancy

--On Monday, April 23, 2001 5:51 PM -0500 J Hughey <email @ redacted> 
> RoseLea - we had no A1c's, one shot a day with no method to calculate
> coverage shots, just *by guess and by gosh*, etc.

A while back I read a good analogy about controlling diabetes prior to home 
glucose monitors...I don't remember where I read it or exactly how it went, 
but it was something like: controllig diabetes without being able to test 
your blood sugar is like a drunkard trying to walk down a sidewalk - the 
only way to stay on the sidewalk is by bouncing back and forth between 
knocking yourself against the storefronts and falling into the dangerous 
street.  I really liked the analogy because that's exactly what it was like 
for me - you didn't know to change your dosage unless your blood sugars 
swung far enough either way to produce symptoms.
Sorry I have no idea where i read the analogy, but it's always stuck with 
(and I had a similar experience last year when I lost my blood tester and 
was stuck without one for almost 24 hours...what a horrible horrible 

Betsy, age 34, Type 1 27 years, Disetronic 6 yrs, on third pregnancy with
pump and due in June.
email @ redacted
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