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[IP] Help--kids, pumps and surgery

Wanted to ask for any help with the following that anyone can offer.

My little girl, Claire age 7, has been pumping 2 weeks now.  I got a phone 
call last week from the Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto that they could 
schedule a surgery on her cleft palate for May 2, a possible date was 
supposed to be later in the summer, but nursing shortages have forced surgery 
cancellations and they wanted to fit us in when possible.

We had a second surgery on her palate 3 years ago, one year after DM onset 
and it was the worst nightmare of my life (it was done at a much smaller 
regional hospital).  Palate surgery requires a clear fluid diet for one day 
and a full fluid diet for a further 2 - 3 days and then only soft foods for a 
few weeks.  At the last surgery they used infused insulin with the IV and 
could not get the rate right--either she dropped too fast or climbed high and 
the bg checks every hour are awfully hard on little kids.  Then when she went 
back to her needles...well you can imagine injecting NPH and trying to keep 
bgs up all night when you can only have popsicles and no complex carbs. I did 
much better with her when back at home after one week in hospital. 

So I thought with a pump, this type of surgery would go much easier.  Well, 
the hospital just phoned and said no dice, to keeping the pump on during or 
after surgery.  Their endos would take care of her and said that she had to 
have an IV infusion with insulin the entire post-op time, which this 
coordinator told me meant her entire hospital stay.   The endo in charge of 
her would be the doctor that refused to give us a pump in November, thus 
forcing us to go to a different hospital.  Now I am absolutely positive that 
the pump would be the best thing--you can still get IV fluids, but your 
insulin can be quickly adjusted as the need may be.  I don't understand how 
the doctor can't see that too. 

Now I am forced to cancel any possible surgery if I can't somehow change 
their minds.  I will be phoning our new Endo to see what she can do.  But I 
wouldn't go through that experience again without a pump, though I would 
agree to disconnecting for the first 24 hours.  I have to add that this 
plastic surgeon is the best in the country, and this is the only hospital I 
would consider having the surgery done at.  The operation is only required 
because the second one, my nightmare experience, was all for nought.  

Any advice or help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7.
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