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Re: [IP] How Do I Open Digest Items

At 09:33 AM 4/24/2001 email @ redacted wrote:
 >In a message dated 4/24/01 10:57:25 AM Central Daylight Time,
 >email @ redacted writes:
 >> Hi, how do i open of items to interest to me. thanks Eileen, the 
digests of
 >if i'm understanding you correctly, you are reading the digests and want to
 >respond to something that is written as one of the entries?  if so, just
 >highlight the text you want to reply to and hit reply....it will
 >automatically copy that text into a new email in aol and then you can type
 >below it what your reply is!
 >hope this helped...

While this technique may work for AOL and some other emailers, it doesn't 
necessarily work for all of them. On some email programs, like Eudora 
(which I use), it's an option that can be turned on or off on the current 
versions of the software. Unfortunately for many of them, even if you 
highlight the text, it'll ignore your selection and copy the whole digest 
to the new message. That's bad, because it will cause your message to 
bounce from the system since it is much too large.

One way to handle this problem is to highlight, copy and then paste it into 
a new message. Make sure the Subject line matches the original. Another way 
to do it is to hit reply, change the subject line and "cut" all of the text 
that does NOT belong. Changing the subject line is crucial in all of the 
different scenarios, including the one that Gina uses.

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