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[IP] Re: forgetting to bolus - longish

Dear Beverly 

First -- take 2 deep breaths - then scream about how awful it is that your 
child has diabetes --- now --- remember that ALL kids  & maybe one or two 
adults (including 16 year olds who everyone else tells me is SOOOOO 
responsible) forget to bolus, don't notice when their set comes out, sleep 
through the no insulin alarms, etc.  Be mad at the diabetes, not your son.  I 
know how hard it is as we parents keep believing that if we do everyhting 
right, keep track of everything, work through it logically -- we'll be able 
to control diabetes in our child.  Wrong.  It is so easy to get angry at the 
child instead of the disease (I otta' know, I do it all the time!)  The 
frustration levels build and build and then we lose it!  (Mine was the rant a 
couple of weeks ago about stubborn highs!! and stubborn daughters!)

End of lecture --- some hints -- If he'll wear one - how about one of those 
cool sports watches with the alarms to remind him to check to see if he's 
bolused - for when you're not around  Try to get him in the habit of bolusing 
before eating (then if he eats more - bolus later.) - that worked with 
Andrea.  For some reason she can remember before, but not after. Have a code 
word that reminds him to bolus (we simply ask - Did you forget something?? 
and she knows to check.)

Mostly remember - it's a growing up process.  I'm constantly amazed at the 
amount of stuff my daughter DOES remember not only everything all the other 
kids need to know, like where her track uniform is or what time to catch the 
school bus, but all the diabetes stuff on top of it all.  Hey - at least he 
really wants the pump - quite a grown up concept for an 11 year old!

Hang in there.

Liz B. 
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