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[IP] Re: Forgetting boluses

>>>>My son is now 13 and pumping for almost 2 years. He forgets his boluses
from time to time. It is definately a "kid thing." >>>>

I wanted to change the subject line to: What I want to be when I grow up.
Hahahahaha - It's definitely a HUMAN thing - even I (61 y/o - dm 50 yrs,
pumping 17.5 yrs) forget to bolus occasionally. While I eat, my hugsband will
often hear, umppp! He knows my mind just went into gear and I say, "I guess
this food is worth a bolus" and take care of it.

>>>He seems to forget more if we are with him, than when we are not. We have
discovered over time that he seems to take a mini-holiday when we are with him
and depends on us to follow up. >>>

This probably gives him a chance to *relax* which can be a positive thing.

>>> They sure have alot on their shoulders for their age! Try not to get upset
with them...just handle it like you would forgetting to take his plate to the
sink, or leaving a sock on the floor...all part of growing up! >>>

Yeah, we have a lot on our plates (pardon the pun) and I still don't know what
I want to be when I grow up. lol YMMV (~_^)

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