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Re: [IP] Fats vs Carbs on health

Handsfield, James H. wrote:
> Also, it is virtually impossible to have a low carb diet without an increase
> in protein - usually meat . . . and you don't get meat without fat, even in
> the very lean cuts of meat.

Well, if you substitute high-fiber, low-carb foods for low-fiber, high
carb foods, I think it IS possible. And yes, then the caloric content
would go down. 
>  Where low carb diets have been researched, it has been found that
> people *do* lose weight on them.  But that's because the Calorie intake is
> lowered, not because it is protein and fat instead of carbs.  The majority
> of people who lose weight on these diets regain the weight - and then some.
> I would guess their control would also improve for a while and then get
> worse.

Coupla things: A group of us talked to Bernstein on the phone, and he
was very clear that his diet is NOT mostly protein and fat instead of
carbs. He emphasized the fiber content. And he DOES have the experience
of treating a lot of patients -- so you can't say it's JUST testimonials
-- but I would like to see a controlled study done on HIS diet, not the
high-fat one. Also, people who regain the weight are people who DON'T
stick to the eating plan -- which is true of all diets. 
> FWIW, the research done with the National Weight Control Registry has
> consistently shown that the *one* thing in common among people who have 
> lost 30 or more pounds and kept it off for a year is *exercise*, and most of that
> is walking.

And then there's the duck, who's lost 31 lb. at last count (starting
from 1994) and not regained it, and who doesn't consistently exercise
beyond the normal requirements of daily living. 

Ah well, I don't sign myself weird for nothing!!!!
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