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[IP] Monthly expense of Cost of pump

Hi, Shivaun.

>I am considering going on the pump and am wondering about the comparison 
>of monthly expense from multiple daily injections to the pump. It seems 
>like there's a lot of extra hoopla ... Right now I am just using syringes 
>and pen needles, and don't know how much other stuff I will be paying for 
>and how often.  Can anyone give me a "Before the pump, I paid this in 
>expenses per month, and now I pay this?" rough ballpark? I also test at 
>least 4 times a day, which I would expect to increase for the first 
>several months.

Before the pump, I was taking Ultralente and Humalog, 5 injections per day. 
I reused syringes, averaging two per week, which is about one box of 100 
per year. Using current prices from the ADA Diabetes Forecast, that's $20 
(U.S.) per year. This is about $2/month, which is negligible and I'll round 
it down to 0.

The pump substitutes reservoirs, catheters and batteries for the syringes. 
I use 3 catheters every two weeks, or 78 per year. Let's round up to 7 
boxes of 12, or 84 per year. I use one reservoir and 3 batteries per month. 
I use no other site preparation products ("other stuff"). Again, using 
Diabetes Forecast prices, I calculate:

catheters: 7 boxes of 12 x $130/box = $910
reservoirs: 1/2 box of 24 reservoirs x $75/box = $75/2 = approx. $35
batteries: 3 batteries/month x 12 months x $1/battery = $36, approx. $35

My total annual costs are $910 + $70 = $980, or approx. $80/month.

My testing frequency hasn't changed much -- I tested prepump before each 
meal and before bed. I test, on average, once per day more now. That's an 
extra 365 tests per year, let's say 400 strips, which is about $250/year or 
about $20/month. (All of these tests really *should* have been conducted 
when using syringes. I can't really say there are any extra tests that the 
pump _mandates_, but since I *am* testing more often, I'll consider all of 
it to be extra cost.)

My monthly incremental pump cost is, then, $80/month (pump supplies) + 
$20/month (test strips) = $100/month

The biggest factor, by far, is catheter use (3/4 of the total), and it's 
extremely variable from person to person and even for the same person over 
time. In my case, I've gradually reduced catheter use from three times per 
week to three times every two weeks.


regards, Andy
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