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[IP] kids forgetting bolus


My son is now 13 and pumping for almost 2 years. He forgets his boluses from time to time. It is definately a "kid thing." He seems to forget more if we are with him, than when we are not. We have discovered over time that he seems to take a mini-holiday when we are with him and depends on us to follow up. For now, it is ok. He is young and very responsible for his age. When he is at school, he does all his care and for the most part is VERY good about bolusing and correcting and checking. So, for the times he forgets and we have to ask/remind "did you bolus?" (almost every dinner) we can deal with that. They sure have alot on their shoulders for their age! Try not to get upset with them...just handle it like you would forgetting to take his plate to the sink, or leaving a sock on the floor...all part of growing up! He's lucky to have you help him out for now!

Hope I helped. 

Mom to Kevin, 13, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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