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RE: [IP] Fats vs Carbs on health

Natalie Sera wrote:

> but there is some
> support for it. Dr Richard K. Bernstein, MD, FACE, and a Type 
> 1 diabetic
> has written a book called Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution, 
> in which he
> advocates a low-carb, high fiber diet. Notice I DIDN'T say high fat --
> which many people have misconstrued low-carbing to mean.

EXCEPT . . . that the one paper he strongly cites (Garg, et al.) as support
for low carb diets is really a paper about higher fat.  Garg's project was
researching a higher fat diet, and the protocol kept the Calories at 2000
while raising fat and keeping protein constant, which means that the carbs
had to be lower.  This resulted in better control for diabetics.  But it was
not a low carb diet, but rather a highER fat diet and a lowER carb diet.

I've found it interesting that Bernstein cites so few research papers in his
book (but has a LOT of testimonials - one of the red flags to look for when
discerning pseudo-scientific claims), and the ones he *does* cite don't
support his claims.

Also, it is virtually impossible to have a low carb diet without an increase
in protein - usually meat . . . and you don't get meat without fat, even in
the very lean cuts of meat.

> 	There are any number of diabetics, including both Type 
> 1's and Type 2's
> who have followed this diet and reported having lost weight, 
> cut down on
> insulin doses, seeing positive changes in their lipid 
> profiles, and most
> important, found a lot more stability in their BGs. 

The problem, again, is that these claims are all based on testimonial, not
research.  Where low carb diets have been researched, it has been found that
people *do* lose weight on them.  But that's because the Calorie intake is
lowered, not because it is protein and fat instead of carbs.  The majority
of people who lose weight on these diets regain the weight - and then some.
I would guess their control would also improve for a while and then get

FWIW, the research done with the National Weight Control Registry has
consistently shown that the *one* thing in common among people who have lost
30 or more pounds and kept it off for a year is *exercise*, and most of that
is walking.  

Jim Handsfield
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