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[IP] Fats vs Carbs on health

Good points Natalie.
For those who are interested in the history of the present dietary 
mania about fat consumption, there is a really terrific article (not 
too technical either) in the March 30 issue of Science (231: 
2536-2545, 2001).  Its a long, very well researched article mixing 
the science with the politics and economics.  Bottom line is that 
there is no evidence that decreasing dietary fat prolongs life.  Also 
there is some discussion of how too many carbs may be just as bad as 
too much fat.
    Anyway, if anyone can't find the article on line or in the 
library, I have a text only version of it in MS word.  Just email me 
privately and I'll forward it.

>  Also she says that you don't need to
>  avoid fats at all, it is important to totally avoid Carbs.  And if you
>  combine fats with carbs then the body thinks of the fats as carbs so you have
>  double-whamied yourself!!!!  HUH??!!  She was deep fat frying Buffalo
>  Wings for Rosie and dipping them in her home made blue cheese dressing
>  made with sour cream and telling Rosie and the WORLD that you can eat AS
>  MUCH of this as you want without feeling any guilt because you will NOT
>  gain any weight and it will actually help you loose weight!!!

<<<<<<<<<<<	Well, this remains controversial among dietitians, 
but there is some
support for it. Dr Richard K. Bernstein, MD, FACE, and a Type 1 diabetic
has written a book called Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution, in which he
advocates a low-carb, high fiber diet. Notice I DIDN'T say high fat --
which many people have misconstrued low-carbing to mean.
	There are any number of diabetics, including both Type 1's and Type 2's
who have followed this diet and reported having lost weight, cut down on
insulin doses, seeing positive changes in their lipid profiles, and most
important, found a lot more stability in their BGs. 
	Mind you, I'm not advocating OR criticizing Bernstein's ideas, just
telling you that they're out there, and I've seen mostly positive
reports on the other diabetes list I'm on, and also positive articles in
Diabetes Interview. Dr. Bernstein himself (now in his 60's and diabetic
since 1946) has reported an improvement in complications and increased
well being since going low carb. He insists that Type 1 diabetics can
maintain normal A1c's because they're not fighting the wide BG swings
caused by taking a lot of insulin to cover carbs -- small amounts make
for small errors. 
	I don't follow Bernstein because I like carbs too much, but I DO think
he has a point about us eating way too many simple carbs like bread,
pasta, rice, potatoes, etc, which supply us with very little in the way
of nutrients and nothing in the way of fiber.
	I'm too cautious to be the guinea pig for anything new, but 
on the other
hand, medical history is replete with ideas that were "common sense"
only to be proved wrong when they were studied in detail (most recent
one that comes to mind is that sugar digests faster than white starch,
and therefore diabetics cannot have ANY sugar, but please pass the
	I'd say the low-carb vs. high-carb diet idea hasn't really been well
studied as yet, and I'd tell you to go the way YOU feel comfortable, but
don't immediately dismiss a new idea -- he MIGHT turn out to be right.
  Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!
  Type Weird, pumping!>>>>>>>>>>>
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