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[IP] Our Quickset Experience..


So far it has been inconclusive.  How is that for a scientific observation.

It seems that upon insertion of the first Quickset Erica received a bug.  A
bloody awful cold that has left her with a cough, sore throat, and general
feeling of yuck.  Sugars are wilder than ever, but is it the Quickset?  I
doubt it.

Keeping the cold in mind, Erica's basal rates have had to be increased across
the board, but corrective boluses are still required.  Today I will be
changing her back to a Silhouette to see if things come back into line but
even if things improve that will not be a very true marker as the cold & its
effects are too big a variable.

The Quickserter works well, but my beef with the set itself is that you cannot
see the insertion site.  That nice window in the Sil gave great peace of mind
with a quick glance.  However, if it does prove itself to be an equal to the
sil in consistency and comfort, the fact that Erica would take over her
insertions, allowing her more independence, is a good thing.  Can't wait for
this damn cold to pass.....

Barb, mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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