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RE: [IP] Darrin's Pump Dump

Hi y'all,

>>And please keep going with your campaign to obtain better services for Nova
Scotian diabetics. You are encountering all kinds of problems,and your ability
to deal with them effectively will serve as a guidepost for many other

How Very True Tom!

I am a fellow Nova Scotian who has been there from the early days of 'kid
pumping' in Nova Scotia, and I have seen great changes in the 'kid pumping'
diabetic area.  Unfortunately the adults have not been so lucky....at all.

Early June I am hosting the first Pump Support Group Meeting in our area.
Darrin is going to be my co-host :)  We come from different backgrounds, we
are Minimed pumpers and have a child on the pump, while Darrin is pumping
disetronic and is an adult pumper.  Our similarity is that we both had our
'moments' with the medical people, and I had an insurance battle as well.

The difference is that our Medical team at the children's hospital has learned
along with us, and have become very proactive while Darrin might as well be
talking to a wall.  BUT... I know that will change......in time.  The hope for
the adults lies in new doctors (GPs) who are learning the technology and they
in turn will get the word out.  Darrin's efforts will not go by the wayside.
Those medical professionals who refuse to look at the whole picture will
eventually be caught up in the movement.   How can they not?  There is no
other way to go but UP and Darrin is a key factor in that!

While Darrin continues to play 'Columbo' to the medical establishment
(eventually his doggedness will cause them to throw up their hands and yell 'I
GIVE UP'!) our medical professionals have offered to promote the support group
meeting with flyers in the hospital, handouts to their patients, and word of


Barb, mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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