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Re: [IP] Monthly expense of Cost of pump

--- Alan Reed <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Shivaun,
> Costs vary from person to person but as a rough
> guide you take it that you
> would have to replace the infusion set and syringe
> every three days. What
> this will mean in $ depends on where you live.  In
> Australia where I live it
> costs me on that basis $A 200.00 per month and it is
> the best thing I have
> done as it has given me control of my diabetes.
> Alan Reed
> ----- Original Message -----

I have heard a lot of people say that it costs them
around 200/month as well, but I can't see how that is
true. I am not pumping yet, but I start in 11 days and
I just ordered some supplies. One box of 10 quicksets
was 175.00 alone, then there are the syringes and the
IV prep, plus the extra supplies for more frequent BS
testing.... am I mising something here? For me it
looks like pumping is going to be at least double the
price of my previous MDI. I am not saying the extra
cost isn't going to be worth it, but I do forsee it
being much more expensive. Maybe this is just the case
in Canada, I dont know....

Sarah Arnal (21 yrs old, 8 yrs DM, pumping SOON!!)

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