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Re: [IP] Rosie and Suzanne Summers

I don't know if it's true that the insulin levels are raised but
I have heard that the extra weight around the middle can make you
more insulin resistant. 

As for totally avoiding carbs, that is absurd. You need carbs.
You also need fat (as well as protein) in a well balanced diet,
balanced with exercise. If you eat more carbs than what your body
requires, the excess is stored as fat. The fat you eat gets
stored as fat almost as soon as you eat it. The muscles will use
the fat as their primary source of energy and of course, the
glucose from the carbs gets used for energy also. And of course,
in a starvation state, the body will break down fat for energy
when there is no glucose or it can't use the glucose (but as we
know, this produces ketones as a side effect.) What she says
about combining fats and carbs makes no sense, from what I know,
unless she just means that the carbs are stored as fat, in
Maybe one of our resident dietitians, CDE's, or drs can make more
sense of it...

Sylvia said:
Did you know that she claimed on this show 
that if you are a person (male or female) who has a pear shaped
body that you 
naturally have raised insulin levels in your body?  Now, before I
get too 
angry...is there some truth to this???  Also she says that you
don't need to 
avoid fats at all, it is important to totally avoid Carbs.  And
if you 
combine fats with carbs then the body thinks of the fats as carbs
so you have 
double-whamied yourself!!!!  HUH??!! 

Take care, Kerri  
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