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[IP] Rosie and Suzanne Summers

Monday, 4/23- Rosie O'Donnel Show had Suzanne on today and she was talking 
about her recent bout with CA and the way she has been perceived in her 
treatment.  Well, after they talked about that then they decided to start 
cooking, based on Suzanne's latest book....  And then Suzanne opened her 
mouth and I got really ANGRY!!!  Did you know that she claimed on this show 
that if you are a person (male or female) who has a pear shaped body that you 
naturally have raised insulin levels in your body?  Now, before I get too 
angry...is there some truth to this???  Also she says that you don't need to 
avoid fats at all, it is important to totally avoid Carbs.  And if you 
combine fats with carbs then the body thinks of the fats as carbs so you have 
double-whamied yourself!!!!  HUH??!!  She was deep fat frying Buffalo Wings 
for Rosie and dipping them in her home made blue cheese dressing made with 
sour cream and telling Rosie and the WORLD that you can eat AS MUCH of this 
as you want without feeling any guilt because you will NOT gain any weight 
and it will actually help you loose weight!!!  Then she was talking about how 
she developed her own sugar substitute and has made truffles and puddings and 
custards all with this product and that it was PERFECT FOR DIABETICS because 
they, and everyone ele can eat all they want with NO GUILT!!!!

  This is on national TV and she is touting this stuff like she really knows 
what she is talking about!!!  Am I wrong to be feelig just a little upset 
over what she was saying??

Could be just me.  Maybe no one else will feel the same, and then again maybe 
I am wrong about what she was saying... I sure hope so!!

mom to Joshua
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