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[IP] Re: Pregnancy

    Hi, yes I'm a guy and really don't have this problem but I am also a med
student.  I was kind of bothered by what I read so I started flipping through
the transcriptions of my OB / GYN course.  My instructor is kind of a free
spirit, but she is a good doc.  She cares for her patients.  The way a
physician ought to!  As far as she was concerned, the mom's being a diabetic
isn't a problem.  Yes, being uncontrolled can have effects on the baby --
large for gestation baby etc -- but essentially she said that the biggest
problem was that it required more of the doctors.  Notice the plural -- she
meant both the OB / GYN and the Endo or FP had to work together with the
patient to insure that the patient maintained control and that the diabetes
didn't affect the pregnancy and that the pregnancy didn't affect the
    You can't always listen to the medical experts, especially when your heart
tells you that something is that wrong.  When I was dx'd in 1982, I was told
by a doc and a nutritionist that I would never play sports again.  I lettered
in high school in Cross Country and Track, in college I lettered in Lacrosse
and played Rugby.  When I graduated college and was trying to get my life in
order, I joined my local fire department.  The department physician told me I
would never be able to do it because I was a diabetic.  8 years later, as I
prepared to go to medical school my department chief praised me in front of
the town committee as the type of volunteer fire fighter that he needed more
of -- always there, always doing something, always paying attention to what
was going on around me.
    Don't let the turkey's get you down.  When someone tells you that you
can't, prove them wrong.  You and you alone know what you are capable of....

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"Yesterday is History; Tomorrow is a Mystery; Today is a Gift ...
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