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[IP] Re: Ringer's, Saline, D5W

Normal Ringer's has no calories but Lactated Ringer's has 9 Calories / L (I
think is Kilo Calories).  They be planning to give the Mom to be D5W (Dextrose
5% in Water) to help with hydration without loading the body with sodium (D5W
has none where as Ringer's has 147.5 mEq / L and 0.9% Normal Saline has 154
mEq / L).  Their assumption might be that they don't want to further stress
the diabetic Mom's kidneys since the munchin has already been doing that for
up to 9 months.
It isn't unusual for them to mix insulin and D5W in the same bag.  Indeed that
is the standard tx for DKA -- insulin and Dextrose together as the blood sugar
starts to reach 200 to 300 mg / dl in the blood.

Sean L. Finnerty, MS II

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