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[IP] Re: Mom's reactions to Sherry's pregnancy

>>>>Every day I am sorry he has to suffer
because as hard as I tried and still try I am hard to
control. I'm not saying don't get pregnant, but plan
and get under control before trying. Then do your best to keep under control.

There are, however, NO guarantees in life. Look at Kerri with her eight
children - she's not a DMer but one of them is. I was in the same boat as
RoseLea - we had no A1c's, one shot a day with no method to calculate coverage
shots, just *by guess and by gosh*, etc. And abortions weren't even legal; in
fact, the dr. slipped me an illegal *birth control* booklet when we got
married because he didn't want me to get pg right away (so we waited 5 weeks).

What I'm saying: There are many healthy women who cannot conceive or, if they
do, sometimes do not have a healthy baby. Sometimes the best efforts do not
result in our desires. Sometimes our worst efforts turn out well. YMMV (~_^)

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