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Re: [IP] Darrin's pump dump


It looks to me like you are trying to achieve perfection with your
pump. But the pump can't possibly accomplish the autonomic functions
that your brain is trying to accomplish even though your pancreas
can't respond. Your pump isn't as good as a normal human body, but you
know, and I know, that **the pump is so much better than MDI**.

Because your pump can't provide perfect control you have to take each
day as it comes, and if the BG is unexpectedly high you have to treat
it with a high BG bolus. There's nothing wrong with that. That's just
the way things are. And if your BG goes below 4 you just treat it and
hope that maybe you learned something that will help you in the

And please keep going with your campaign to obtain better services for
Nova Scotian diabetics. You are encountering all kinds of problems,
and your ability to deal with them effectively will serve as a
guidepost for many other diabetics.

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, age 68, pumping since 7/95
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