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Re: [IP] Mom's reactions to my pregnancy

Wow, Sherry! I can see how you would feel that way! 

Being that we just had a baby here a month ago, the topic of
having children and labor and delivery, etc has naturally come up
a few times. My 10yo is no different than the other kids and
jumps right in and says how many kids she wants, etc. I'm not
about to tell her otherwise, as there is no reason to believe
otherwise. I fully expect that she will have kids one day if she
chooses to. The only thing she won't be able to do is have a
homebirth (which some of the kids have said they wanted, like
their mom) since she is a diabetic and on insulin, but that isn't
the end of the world. I don't think she realized that until I
said something about it the other day (I told her she can still
have a good experience in the hospital. I will make sure of
that.)  :)  

Sherry said:
Mothers, please talk to your daughters and be informed.  Don't
Am I supposed to feel guilty now for making my mom worry so much
over this
"against advice pregnancy"?  How was I supposed to know she'd
been laboring
under this idea all these years?  How many people has she told
that I couldn't
have children??  How come no one ever told me???

Take care, Kerri  
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