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[IP] Re: forgetting to bolus

Yes! I have a 10yo (pumping 16mos now) who was "forgetting" to
bolus a lot last year. I think in her case she was really just
tired of having to find me to help her out and/or waiting for me
to calculate the dose for her at meal/snack times. It was just
easier for her to "forget." I made some bolus and other charts
based on her carb/insulin ratio, etc so that when she ate (she is
a grazer) she could dose herself. Ever since then we've had no
more problems with the constant forgetting (she forgets every
once in a while though, but not very often.) Guess she really
just needed that autonomy. And since then she has also gradually
taught herself how to do the figuring for carb boluses and
corrections, site changes, filling and changing cartridges,
battery changes, etc. I'm still very involved with the
management, obviously, but wow...she has really come a long way
in a short time! Totally different kid!

Now...I don't mean any offense by this next part, it is just my
opinion. But I don't think the pump should be used as a reward or
punishment. It's a fine line to walk really...he needs to learn
to be more responsible with it but he can't do that if he is
taken off the pump. The only way he can learn it is to make those
mistakes  (but he will still forget sometimes - even the adults
forget to do things too.) If he has only been pumping 3mos and
it's all so new, then he probably just needs more time.

Beverly said:
My 11 yr old son has been pumping for 3 months now.  Over the
past month he has "forgotten" to bolus for a meal 5 different
times resulting in bg levels in the 400's.  Does anyone else have
this problem or children that have this problem, and what can we
do to keep  this from happening?  We always talk about the number
of carbs he is getting and how much he needs to bolus, but
sometime between talking and 4 to 5 hours latter (when he tests
again) he has forgetten. We have told him that if he can't
remember his responsibilty we are going to take the pump away and
put him back on shots, which is meet with earnest pleas to...take
the Ninendo, take the Game Boy... but not my pump!
Please HELP!

Take care, Kerri  
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